Comfort Stretch

Comfort Stretch

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Hunting Bus Seron Comfort Stretch from the Ocean is practical and versatile garment suitable for hunters and others who need protection against wet weather and want comfort and functionality.

The main features of this jacket:

Soft and smooth material: The soft and supple material increases the comfort and freedom of movement, which is important for hunters who must be mobile in the terrain.

Tearing and Cold Protection: The tear strength and cold resistance increase the shelf life of the jacket and make it suitable for use in different weather conditions.

Large breast pocket: The large breast pocket provides space for storing different equipment and tools, which can be convenient during hunting or outdoor activities.

Hidden hood in the collar: The hidden hood in the collar allows for extra protection against rain or wind when needed.

Adjustable cord cover in waistband: The cord in the waistband allows the user to customize the fit around the waist for extra comfort and protection against the weather.

Sleeves with elastic cuff and velcro closure: Elastic cuff and velcro closure on the sleeves ensures that the jacket remains tightly fully around the wrists and prevents moisture from penetrating.

Comfort Stretch Hunting Bus Seron is a reliable and functional garment that meets the need for protection against wet weather and equipment storage for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. It combines comfort, durability and functionality to meet the requirements of nature.



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