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Hurricane Busesonne J.The WorkFrom Ocean seems to be a robust and protective rain jacket designed to meet demanding working conditions, including cold environments and the risk of flames.

The notable features of this jacket:

Flame retardant material: The jacket is made of flame retardant material, which is essential to protect the user from potential fire hazards in the workplace.

Extremely Tearing Material: The extremely tear -resistant material contributes to the durability and long life of the jacket, which is crucial in demanding working environments.

Loose -hanging comfort cap: The loose -hanging comfort cap with interior cord pull allows the user to adjust the cap as needed for extra protection against weather conditions.

Push button by neck closure: The push button at the neck closure helps to seal the jacket and protect the user from wind and rain.

Reflective Strip: The presence of reflective stripes on the shoulder, especially in color fl. Orange, contributes to increased visibility and safety, which is essential, especially in poor light conditions.

Hurricane Busesonne jacket is ideal for working in demanding environments where protection against flames and the weather is key factors. The jacket offers a combination of wear resistance, comfort and safety.



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