Offshore Heavy Smock
Offshore Heavy Smock
Offshore Heavy Smock
Offshore Heavy Smock
Offshore Heavy Smock
Offshore Heavy Smock
Offshore Heavy Smock

Offshore Heavy Smock

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Offshore Heavy Smock from Ocean is a protective suit designed to work in harsh and wet working environments.

The most important features and benefits of this smock:

Flame retardant and waterproof: The smock is made of flame retardant and waterproof PVC material with a weight of 560 g/m2. This material protects the user from wet conditions and potential fire hazards, making it ideal for use in challenging working environments.

Durable: The PVC material is known for its abrasion resistance, enabling the smock to withstand wear and damage, even in demanding conditions.

Prym pushbutbing: The Smock has a practical prym push button closure in the neck that makes it easy to take it on and off and adjust the opening as needed.

Protection against liquids: This smock protects the user from liquids such as water, oil and chemicals that may occur in the working environment.

Rubber Employees: As an additional supplement, rubber cuffs can be welded on the sleeve openings to prevent fluid from penetrating the sleeve. This provides an extra layer of protection against fluid penetration.

Suitable for harsh environments: Offshore Heavy Smock is suitable for use in offshore and marine environments where extensive protection is needed against wet conditions, chemicals and potential fire hazards.

Areas of application: This smock is typically used in industries such as the offshore industry, shipbuilding, port operations, chemical industry and the like, where extensive security measures and the protection of employees are required.

It is important to use and maintain this smock correctly in accordance with the relevant security procedures and guidelines in the work environment in question to ensure its efficiency and the user's safety.

Waterproofness:20,000 mm


560 g/m2, PVC 75%, Cotton 12.5%, Polyester 12.5%

  • A 343
  • EN 14116

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