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Coulomb Light
Coulomb Light
Coulomb Light
Coulomb Light

Coulomb Light

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Comfort Safe B.The Ukser From Ocean is a garment that combines several important features of protection, comfort and visibility.

The main features of these pants:

Flame retardant and antistatic material: These pants are made of flame retardant and antistatic material that protects the user from fire and electrical discharge, which is crucial in environments with potential dangers.

Soft and smooth Oeko-Tex Certified Material: The soft and supple material increases the comfort and freedom of movement of the user.

Tearing and Cold Protection: The tear strength and cold resistance make the pants durable and suitable for use in demanding weather conditions.

Elastic harnesses with fixlock closure: Elastic harnesses with fixlock closure ensure that the pants remain in place and give the user a tightly fitting fit.

Barely in life and button closure for adjusting leg width: These features allow you to customize the fit around the waist and legs of extra comfort and protection.

HIGH VIS-DESIGN WITH MORE RIGHTS: The pants are designed with high visibility and have multiple reflexes, which increases the user's visibility in low lighting situations or where visibility is important for safety.

Comfort Safe pants are ideal for professionals working in environments where security and protection against fire and electrical dangers are key priorities. These pants combine protection and visibility with comfort and durability.



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