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Atec R.The regional coat from ABEKO is a practical and visible solution for protection against rain and at the same time improving visibility in different working environments.

The main features of this rainfall:

HIGH VIEW (high visibility): This feature makes the rain sheath easy to see, even in poor lighting conditions or in environment with traffic or other potential risks. Wide reflective stripes help to further increase visibility.

Poncho-style: A poncho is usually easy to put on and off, making it convenient for quick protection against rain, especially when you are already wearing work clothes.

Hood with string: A hood with a cord pull allows you to customize the cap's fit and protect your head from rain and wind.

Extra large and spaciousness in front: The extra spaciousness in the front allows you to wear work clothes or other items under the rain sheath, which is convenient when working outdoors in rainy weather.

Closure with push buttons: Push buttons on the sides and bottom of the rain sheath ensures that it stays in place and protects against the wind that can blow under the sheath.

The ATEC Rain Cap is designed for both rain and improved visibility protection, which is important in many working environments, especially those involving outdoor work or risks from driving vehicles. The easy impact and removal also makes it convenient for quick use in unforeseen weather situations.



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