Weather Heavy with reinforcement
Weather Heavy with reinforcement
Weather Heavy with reinforcement
Weather Heavy with reinforcement

Weather Heavy with reinforcement

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Weather Heavy bib and brace from OCEAN is designed to meet the most demanding working conditions, especially in exposed environments with low temperatures and extreme wear and tear.

The salient features of this bib and brace:

  1. Extreme abrasion resistance: This bib and brace is made from the strongest material, making it extremely durable and able to withstand hard wear and tear and harsh working conditions. This makes them suitable for demanding tasks.

  2. Elastic suspenders: This bib and brace is equipped with elastic suspenders that ensure a comfortable fit and allow users to adjust the suspenders according to their preference and body size.

  3. Fixlock closure: The Fixlock closure on the suspenders is easy to fasten and ensures the bib and brace stay securely in place while working. This minimizes the risk of the trousers slipping down.

  4. Durability at low temperatures: This bib  and brace is specially designed to handle low temperatures and protect the wearer from cold and moisture. This makes them suitable for outdoor work in changing weather conditions.

  5. OCEAN-Logo: The suspenders have OCEAN-logos in white on black webbing for a professional look and easy recognition OCEAN-brand for quality and durability.

  6. Suitable for various industries: Weather Heavy bib and brace are versatile and can be used in a wide range of industries, including construction, agriculture, forestry, maritime activities and more.

  7. Easy to clean and maintain: The bib nad braces are easy to clean and maintain, making them practical and comfortable for users.

This bib and brace is a reliable solution for work situations where protection from wet and harsh conditions is essential. Designed to deliver durability and comfort, they can help ensure an efficient and comfortable working day. It is important to use the coveralls in accordance with relevant safety procedures and guidelines to maximize their effectiveness and durability.

Waterproofness:20.000 mm


Main Fabric 700 g/m2

PVC 90%

Polyester 10%

  • Sink - Hand wash
  • Drying - Drip dry
  • Softener - Do not use
  • Do not use bleach
  • Ironing - Do not iron
  • Tumble dry - Do not tumble dry
  • No dry cleaning
  • EN 343

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