Outdoor Recycle Scarf

Outdoor Recycle Scarf

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This soft and comfortable scarf from OCEAN made of recycling polyester is an excellent addition to your equipment for outdoor activities in cold weather.

Here are some of the advantages and qualities of this type of scarf:

Recycling polyester: The use of recycling polyester is an environmentally friendly solution that reduces the need to produce new plastic material. This helps reduce environmental impact and promote sustainability.

Softness and comfort: Polyester can feel soft and comfortable against the skin, making this scarf comfortable to wear, even in cold weather. It also provides an extra layer of heat around the neck, which is important to keep you warm.

Heat Power: Scarves play an important role in preserving body heat by protecting the neck and neck from the cold and the wind. This makes them ideal for outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking or a simple winter day in the city.

Allside: A scarf can be worn in different ways, making it versatile. You can use it to cover the neck, face or even head, depending on the weather conditions and your preferences.

Contribution to Sustainability: By choosing recycled materials, you help reduce waste and resource consumption, which is positive for the environment.

A soft and comfortable scarf made of recycling polyester is a practical and environmentally conscious choice for outdoor activities in cold weather. It helps keep you warm and comfortable while reducing your environmental impact.



Recycled polyester 100%

  • Wash - 30° (cold)
  • Do not use bleach
  • Tumble dry - Do not tumble dry
  • Ironing - Do not iron
  • No dry cleaning

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