Coulomb Premium Trousers
Coulomb Premium Trousers
Coulomb Premium Trousers
Coulomb Premium Trousers
Coulomb Premium Trousers
Coulomb Premium Trousers

Coulomb Premium Trousers

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These Coulomb Premium trousers are suitable for demanding working environments with special safety requirements.

The important properties of these antistatic and high visibility PVC trousers:

Antistatic: Antistatic trousers are designed to prevent the accumulation of static electricity, which can be crucial in environments where static electricity poses a risk, e.g. Near flammable materials.

High visibility: The trousers are made of high visibility colors, making them easy to see, even in poor lighting conditions or in low visibility areas.

Resilience to Flames: The trousers are designed to withstand flames, giving the user an additional protective factor in environments where there is a risk of fire or explosions.

Waterproof: Waterproof trousers are crucial to keeping the user dry in heavy rain or wet conditions, which is important for both comfort and safety.

Durability: Durable trousers can withstand wear and damage in demanding working environments, which extends their lifetime and ensures that they can continue to provide protection.

These trousers are suitable for workers in industries such as chemical production, oil and gas, petrochemistry, where safety is essential and there are specific requirements for antistatic and flame -retardant properties. They are an important element of workers' safety and well -being in such environments.

Waterproofness:HH: 20.000mm


Front side fabric: PVC 100%

Back fabric: Polyester 67%/ Cotton 33%

  • Wash - 40° (warm)
  • Do not use bleach
  • Tumble dry - Do not tumble dry
  • Ironing - Do not iron
  • No dry cleaning
  • A 343
  • EN 20471
  • EN 11612
  • EN 1149
  • IEC 61482

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