Cloud Junior

Cloud Junior

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Cloud Junior Boots are boots designed specifically for young people who enjoy outdoor activities in all weather conditions.

Here are some key points about these boots

Material: The boots are made of flexible and waterproof PVC material. This makes them suitable for protecting your feet from humidity and wet conditions, which is important when performing outdoor activities in rain or wet terrain.

Solid and non-slip bottom: The boots have a solid bottom, which indicates that they are constructed to be durable and supportive. A non-slip bottom is important to prevent the user from slipping on slippery surfaces, which can be especially important during outdoor activities.

Target audience: The boots are specifically targeted at young enthusiasts who enjoy outdoor activities. This is because they are designed with the needs and comfort of young people in mind.

Cloud Junior Boots are intended to be a reliable and comfortable footwear for young people who love to explore and participate in outdoor activities, regardless of the weather



PVC 100%

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