Classic+ w. Studs
Classic+ w. Studs
Classic+ w. Studs
Classic+ w. Studs

Classic+ w. Studs

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Classic+ w. studs Waders from OCEAN is a reliable and robust solution for users working in wet and challenging environments where protection against grease, oil and dirt is required. The combination of waders and rain trousers with quality Dunlop studded rubber boots offers comprehensive protection and slip resistance.

The important features and benefits of this product:

Heavy duty, grease and oil repellent waders: The waders are designed to withstand exposure to grease and oil, which is important in work environments where such liquids are present.

High abrasion resistance: The waders are extremely durable and resistant to damage, ensuring long-term use.

Quality Dunlop rubber boots with studs: The inclusion of Dunlop rubber boots with studs provides the user with extra slip resistance, which is essential to avoid falls and injuries in wet areas.

Elastic suspenders with fixlock closure: The elastic suspenders with fixlock closure make it easy to fasten the waders and ensure they stay securely in place.

Internal pocket: Internal pockets offer convenient storage for tools or personal items.

Size range: With the size range from 39-48, there is the option to choose the right size to fit the user's body, which is important for the comfort and effectiveness of the waders.

Classic+ w. studs Waders is a reliable and comfortable garment for users working in wet, demanding and potentially hazardous environments. The combination of waders and studded rubber boots offer comprehensive protection and slip resistance in such situations.

Waterproofness:HH: 20.000 mm


Base Fabric 600g/m2

Polyester 100%

Coating: Polyurethane 3% PVC 97%

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