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Sitex Fallun R.The pantsFrom Ocean ABEKO seems to be a versatile and functional garment designed for protection against rain and at the same time easy to work in.

The main features of these pants:

Lightweight PVC material: The pants are made of lightweight PVC material that provides protection against rain and moisture without adding unnecessary weight.

REACH-Through: The Reach-Through feature allows the user to reach the pocket under the pants, which can be convenient for access to tools or personal items without removing the pants.

Pocket Opening For Hing Pockets: The pocket opening makes it possible to use hanging pockets, which can be useful for storing tools or other items close to the body.

Back pocket: The back pocket provides extra storage space for smaller items or tools.

Tumme pocket: The thumb pocket is convenient for storing a thumb or similar tool.

Matching rain jacket: The pants are designed to match the rain jacket Sitex Fallun, allowing the user to have a complete rain set.

The color black/orange: The color composition of black and orange can increase visibility and safety, especially in low lighting areas.

Suitable for agriculture (Agriculture): The pants are indicated as suitable for agriculture, suggesting that they can be ideal for use in agricultural -related work situations.

The Sitex Fallun Rain Pants are practical and protective rain pants that meet the needs of users working outdoors in wet conditions, especially in agriculture or similar sectors.



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