EN ISO 20471 product information

All safety wear from Ocean Textile Group A/S is EN ISO 20471 or EN 471 approved.

EN ISO 20471 and EN 471 are common European Hi-Visibility standards. This governs the specification of all certified work wear and rainwear, which is used in working environments, for example areas with traffic where it is important to be seen.
Below we have tried to describe the most important guidelines, which should be the foundation of your choice of safety rainwear.

The norms make demands on the visibility in the work situations where the employees work without effective separation from traffic/hazardous areas. This meaning most types of road works, work by railways and buildings sites and the like.
Even if this work is only a small part of the working day, safety wear should be worn.

EN ISO 20471 and EN 471 norms are divided into 3 classifications. The classification describes how well the product is able to protect the user. The bigger the area of fluorescent fabric and reflective stripes, the higher the classification will be.

Class 3 - should be worn by all working by the road, on railway lines and rescue workers, and also whilst working on and around buildings sites with machine traffic.
As a rule, a set of work clothes fulfils the demands for class 3, when it’s worn together. A set of work clothes should be understood as a combination between a jacket and trousers/overall. Coveralls and certain jackets are also classified as Class 3.

Class 2 - Supervisors, who only check the work, should use class 2 wear. Class 2 wear is typically a high-vis waistcoat, a pair of overalls or a jacket.

Class 1 - is typically trousers, which as the only safety wear must be worn by visitors. Although a high-vis waistcoat class 2 would be preferred with this (see below). Please be aware that workers in the area should always accompany visitors.
If your work changes through the day, or if you are in doubt, class 3 clothes are recommended.

Class 3
Jacket (In special cases where the demands are fulfilled)
Jacket/waistcoat and trouser/overall (only as a set)

Class 2
(The above can be worn as single items)

Class 1

Classification is determined by the minimum area of visible material in m2 and is calculated according to the chart that you will find here.